Add Filters to Video Calls

man with iphoneThis year, video calling has become hugely popular. If you've become comfortable with video calling, now might be the time to try out some of the extra features to add a bit of fun to your calls.  Read on to find out about changing your background, adding colours and filters, changing your face or even become a cartoon in Zoom and Facetime.


If you're helping someone who's not yet confident with video calls, check out this mini-course on How to get Someone Connected which takes you through the video calling options and helps you find the right one for them.


Change your Zoom Background and make yourself (more) Beautiful!


Change your background:

1. If you're using the Zoom App, click your profile in the right hand corner and press "Settings." If you use Zoom via web link sent to you, wait until you are in the call, then click on the arrow next to the video button at the bottom of the screen.  Then...

2. In the left hand menu, click "Virtual Backgound".

3. Zoom gives you some options of different backgrounds. You can pick one of  or...

4. Upload a photo from your computer. Click the + icon next to where it says "Virtual background". This will take you through the steps to upload a picture. 


Make yourself more beautiful:

We don't know how this works but it does!  Go into the same video settings...

1. Check the box "Touch Up My Appearance".

2. Sit back and admire.


FaceTime has lots of fun effects and if you're used to Apple products, they're  easy to navigate. To get going, wait for your call, then press the  swirly five pointed star button that says "Effects" in the menu at the bottom of the page. This takes you to a range of different effects that allow you to add text (like "Happy Xmas") and stickers that stay with you one the screen. Our favourites are...



These allow you to change what the whole picture looks like: you can go for everything from a Classic Film Noir look to a comedy cartoon one. 

1. Click on the Swirly star.

2. Click on Filters and swip through to find the one you want. Apply!


Become a Memoji:

You can replace your face with a talking memoji - which is funny cartoon. You can can be anything from an alien to a frog.

1. Click on the swirly Start.

2. Click on the memoji menu (a button with a funny face on it), scroll through the type of creature to be and click on it.

3. Scroll down to chose a mood (happy alien? funny alien?).

4. Click on it.

5. It then appears over your face on screen. Use a pinching motion to enlarge it so it covers your head.

6. Enjoy your conversation!

Top Tips

  • Most of these work best if you have a steady background that's pretty uniformly lit. They struggle with lots of movement and light/ shade contrasts.
  • Try them out and play with them. It takes a while to find your favourites.
  • Kids tend to LOVE these.

Like this idea?

Then why not try it yourself! Let us know if you plan to give it a go.

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