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Every Thursday in December, we're giving £100 in vouchers to the person who shares the best Connector Tip or Experience.


This Thursday (10th Dec), the winner is....

Actually, this week there are two winners! It's our first week with this website live and we were really excited to read your tips and stories. And when it came down to it, we couldn't pick just one. So we went for two! You can read their inspiring stories below and lots more here. We loved reading about these ideas & experiences so lease keep sharing! 

The winners are...


Drewseph, who told us about using Zoom to help the family come together and support each other after a bereavement:

"I unfortunately lost my beautiful partner earlier this year - it was completely unexpected and I am still finding it hard to come to terms with. Her family and I have found it very hard to navigate our grief while being socially distant and unable to meet up. 

I watched zoom tutorials on Youtube that gave me the confidence to help family members set up zoom calls. Some people found it incredibly easy whilst others struggled finding the microphone or kept sitting within an inch of the screen! Once we got the hang of it, I found it was a quick simple way to stay connected and explore our grief and remember the wonderful person sadly taken from us.

My top tip would be to build up confidence gradually by expanding on previous skills. For example, we first started learning how to send and accept invitations so just spoke on the call. Next we explored turning the video on. Then we set the challenge of creating a slideshow of images we could share with others using the screenshare option. Now seasoned pros, I am now looking at games we can play together virtually by one person screensharing and others playing along on their mobile (Drawful) - looks silly and fun!

Tricky times indeed but I am grateful that such impressive technology exists."


And "Peridot" AKA Anne Walker, who has been using Facebook to bring her local community together in B14 -  helping each other out, getting fit and fighting crime:

Photo of AnneEarlier this year, I created a Facebook group for people who live on my estate, we are now upto 82 members, we were collecting for the foodbanks throughout the summer and have continued to offer support to each other, as neighbours, sometimes with serious issues, providing links to people seeking assistance, othertimes in a more lighthearted way to provide support and a way to communicate with each other as neighbours.  Facebook isn't new but it fits the demographic of the people who live here and a way to communicate with each other when we haven't communicated before.  Its provided a sense of community not previously felt here. Through this, I have also been able to continue with my volunteer role as a Digital Champion, providing links too, to easy online tutorials for people to improve their online skills. I am now starting a neighbourhood watch, with the intention of attracting some crime prevention resources as garden and car thefts are on the rise here.  Although most of us have a support network made up of family and friends, not everyone has this in their lives and I am proud to be part of an online group that will respond quickly to anyone who needs help or even just a chat if they are feeling lonely and don't want to access 'official' services although we provide links to those services too. I started by creating the facebook group then printing off some posters for the flat communal doors, some leaflets (4 to a sheet to save on paper and printing) to put through accessible doors and laminated some signs to put on the lampposts.  It's been lovely to see new residents joining the group and introducing themselves and people keen to offer assistance with local information. If I win the prize money, I intend to use the money to buy some crime prevention tools for people on the estate like little alarms that go off when someone opens a back gate, for instance to help with crime prevention"

Some of the food parcels from the food bank

Thank you very much for telling us about your experiences. Your vouchers are on their way!