How to be a Connector

These short, informative mini-courses will help you become a Connector.

They take you through what you need to do, and why, to help others learn digital skills. Even if you are a digital whiz already, you'll learn something to help you make that whiz work with beginners. 

Browse them, come back to them, pass them on. And start connecting today!

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Feeling inspired? We've put together some extra resources to help you help others connect

Why connect?

Connecting to the internet 

A handy guide to understand the practicalities of getting connected

Staying safe online

Some useful tips to help you stay safe online

The best smartphones for older users

Great advice on what to consider when choosing a phone

Top tips for computer beginners

Some useful tips to help keep beginners motivated

Finding affordable kit and connectivity

This guide has some great tips of how to get online in an affordable way

How to connect

Ten top tips for using the internet

Useful advice to help navigate the internet and get the best out of your searches

The best video calling apps on an Android phone

 Overview of the top video calling apps specifically for Android phones

Getting started with Zoom for video calls

Everything you need to know to get you started with the Zoom app

Guides to getting the most from email 

Guides covering everything from getting your own email account through to emailing photos and birthday cards to friends and family 

Top tips

A Connector’s story

Aishwarya shares here experience of getting her family connected during Covid-19

Getting the most out of the internet

A guide with fantastic tips on how to be more organised when searching the internet

Helping someone remotely- quick tricks and tips

Some handy advice and tricks to have to hand when helping someone remotely

Best... recipe websites

Some recommended cooking websites and ideas on using Alexa to help you in the kitchen