Keep Track of Santa

This is an awesome Christmas treat that's huge fun for kids of every age.

Run by NORAD (the North America Aerospace Defense Command) it uses top military technology to track Santa in real time as he flies around the world on Christmas Eve, delivering presents.

What is it?

It all started in 1948 when the US Airforce issued a communique claiming that an "early warning radar net to the north" had detected "one unidentified sleigh, powered by eight reindeer at 14,000 feet [4,300 meters], heading 180 degrees."  It got a bit more formal in 1955, ever since, they have been tracking Santa on Christmas Eve  and keeping him safe from those who don't believe in Christmas. 

In the old days, people could call in and find out where he was. These days, they have a lovely website with lots of great content and use the internet and social media to keep you up to date on the Big Fella's progress, with tracking tools and films as he passes by.

How does it work?

Click through to the site in December and there are games and stories about Christmas traditions, as well as lots of information about how and why they do it. Click on the 24th December and watch him make his progress round the world

Like this idea?

Then why not try it yourself! Let us know if you plan to give it a go.

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