Learn online skills

Our Christmas Eve winner is... 

Ellie, who shared her experience of using different aspects of technology (like voice notes and screen recordings) to help people learning how to use technology! Ellie said"

We run a digital inclusion project with families in our community. This includes 1-2-1 and group suport, as well as WhatsApp groups and video explainers that we create! As we have a strong Latin American community we are also running these services in Spanish and the project is led by parent volunteers that are part of this community. 

My tip is if you are offering support to members of the community that do not have English as their first language is it helpful to offer support in different forms. We find that voice notes and screen recordings sent through whatsapp are easy to understand and share in the community. 

Thanks for sharing, Ellie! We like the idea of using what digital technology can do, to help people use digital technology. And as well as liking how they're supporting their community, we like who it is that's doing it  - parents volunteers sound great.