Make a Christmas Wreath

The internet is great for projects like this. You can find inspiration and expert advice on how to do it, buy supplies online and if you're feeling super confident, share your work on social media.

Expert advice & Inspiration

These step-by-step guides tell how how to make your wreath and find foliage.

There's this video by GrowVeg and this by Simplify Gardening who takes it one step further by adding lights.

This Gathered article and this, from House and Gardens, combine video and photos to make it all super clear.



You can find anything you need by searching for that specific item online, or by looking for "florist supplies".  Some big online sites have wreath making sections. Here's Amazon's and Hobbycraft's - both stock everything you could need.


DIY Kits

If you don't have access to foliage, or you want something super-special, you can always buy a kit. Search online. Or try somewhere like crafty Etsy or specific florists like The Floral Connection or Flowers of Bath. These are premium kits and expensive though, so it's much cheaper if you find what you need yourself!

Like this idea?

Then why not try it yourself! Let us know if you plan to give it a go.

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