Use Virtual Reality

This Thursday (17th December) the winner is....

Mrs G - who told us a fab story about using Virtual Reality:

Where I work, we have started introducing elderly residents (many of whom have been shielding/self-isolating for most of this year, which has taken its toll on people's mental health) to the wonder of virtual reality!!! For people with mobility issues, to be able to experience (virtually) 'being' at the beach and/or woodland, from the comfort of one's own home - simply through wearing an affordable VR headset -  is truly incredible and has given them a real boost, being able to escape from the current pandemic, if even for a little while 

Top tip? Find out what an individual's interests/passions are and then find a suitable VR experience that's perfect for them (as you can get all sorts - from touring round Anne Frank's House, meditating or even seeing dinosaurs up close); there really is something for everyone!

Many congratulations Mrs G - and there's £100 in vouchers heading your way!